Listing of Restaurants w/Menus Crossville TN

Less than $7.00           $                                                $11.00 to $17.00         $$$
$7.00 to $11.00           $$                                              $17.00 and up              $$$$

Halcyon Days Restaurant $$$
2444 Genesis Rd
Stonehaus Winery
Mon 4:00-9:00
11:00-2:00, 4:00-9:00
Closed Sun
 R & B Cafe  $
3980 Peavine Rd
Peavine Plaza
931.287.0017Sun-8:00 to 2:00
Mon-Sat 7:00 to 2:00

One Response to Listing of Restaurants w/Menus Crossville TN

  1. Jason B Bour says:

    Was very disappointed with Red’sAleHouse. Ordered the Prime Rib Special, with salad. They offer 2 sides, but if you choose the salad as a side you have to pay an extra $1.50. Food cost for this salad is not even that much so why charge extra? Might even be the cheapest side in regards to food cost, so why charge extra. I did get a Bacon Cheeseburger to go for lunch, in which they forgot the bacon, so I asked the server to add this to my salad, but my salad had processed bacon bits on it, not fresh bacon, eve trade since the salad was not fresh.

    First let me say Stevie is not a trained server. When my order came out, I handed her my salad bowl, and all she did was set it back down. Never once during my visit did she try to pre-bus, and I was sitting at the bar, so space was already tight.

    My Prime Rib was mostly fat, not an acceptable cut of meat to serve, was not even warm enough to melt butter. I could not tell Stevie because she disappeared, and I did not see her until I was done. The single roll I got for dinner was a packaged roll, not a fresh baked roll, actually it was a slider bun, and they did not even warm it. I had to ask her for my ticket, and as soon as she put it down she was gone, so I was not able to mention my dissatisfaction to her. I did mention it to another person I had to flag down to pay my ticket without any resolve.

    I saw this website on their brochure and was hoping this was a company website so I could inform them. I was happy with my burger earlier even without the bacon, but I was completely unsatisfied with my dinner. If you want lunch type items I would recommend this place, but not for dinner items, for that I would say run away.

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